Elliptical machine

This elliptical machine, for many reasons, is a very close product to the recently designed upright bike for MARUMAN.

In fact, to achieve this proximity between these machines, we have shared many common visual characteristics and details that make both a family of products reinforcing the image and strength of Maruman brand.

We have tried to get a very smart machine in various aspects:

  • Elegant, slim and distinguished in overall shape and details.
  • Actual and trendy in finishes and color treatment.
  • Distinctive and quality in components and design.

For the strategic reasons, we have tried to create a close general appearance between machines. For tooling cost saving, both share some common components that create a visual link, such as:

  • Front and rear support tubes.
  • Monitor.

The structure’s long central tube and front and rear support tubes have been changed a little bit to create a more dynamic aspect.

The elliptical mechanism has been maintained exactly the same. For obvious reasons… the pivot points and tube lengths are the same.

The horizontal tube has been bent slightly and the front end changed to create a better aspect. The “stepping on” platforms have been treated carefully giving a dynamic form according with the overall design.

The crank’s rotating disk cover has been treated carefully. This is a part that gives great character to the whole machine. Therefore, we have spent time creating a special design pattern that is recognizable, attractive and distinguished.