Upright bike

This SPRINTTO home bike for MARUMAN represents the top model version of the concept and also is the “flagship” a new collection of home fitness products.

ITEMdesignworks has tried to find a “clever, well-balanced and dynamic” bike concept to be able to move between home and light commercial markets.

From the design point of view…this Sprintto bike has a complete different style from the actual DK’s catalogue. We have tried to find a new design direction where a product line could start to be developed.

The main plastic covers have been carefully treated to create the sensation of volume and detail richness. The structure is narrow and almost there is no gap between cranks and internal components. So, the effort has been orientated into create forms on a flat surface.

It has been paid attention to details in those components that give an extra touch of design such as: crank sets, saddle position regulation, handlebars and handgrips, elbow supports, rear foot cover and 3D forms in plastic covers. This means that low range models can be created by exchanging more expensive components for cheaper ones and simplifying graphics, decoration and component costs.