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At ITEMdesignworks we consider essential to explain the 10 main advantages of working with us when conceptualizing, designing and developing products. Our strengths, based upon our four strategic pillars: products, services, company and professional team will certainly make the difference in ensuring your success.


  1. Our designs always provide a level of differentiation and added value that represent a sales increase from 150% to 300%, over the previous product.
  2. Production costs are a very important issue that is carefully taken into account in our job. Our good knowledge of technology and production processes, allows us to design products considering a significant reduction in tooling costs up to 30% in some cases.
  3. Excellent sales are our best reward: Passport airport bench will be installed in more than 40 airports around the world. Nine years later, our design has found no competitor yet, thanks to its innovative and modern design concept.


  1. 90% of our clients propose new projects on a regular basis. We have clients who, after 30 years, still continue collaborating with us.
  2. We develop about 12 products a year, which means that 1.2 products are developed monthly. On multiple occasions we have managed to put a product on the market in six months: Design, Development and Engineering in three months and Tooling Manufacture in other three.


  1. Thanks to our strong commitment to internationalization, we have a deep knowledge of several markets and a worldwide customer network in a wide variety of fields.
  2. Our experience and business orientation, based on 30 years of activity, give our designs innovative and attractive attributes that make our products highly successful. One of our best customers has multiplied by 20 its sales in 9 years, thanks to our designs, reaching an 80% share in international sales.


  1. At ITEMdesignworks each project is developed by a specific internal cell that consists of: a project manager, a designer and an engineer. This way we cover every discipline required in our product design and development services.
  2. The key to success of our designs rely on two main factors: on one hand, the combination of creativity, technology, functionality and on the other, 30 years of knowledge to create new satisfactory experiences for each specific target market. We dedicate the 10% of our time, to the continuous review and improvement of our creative and productive processes.
  3. We have managed to reduce the product development time by 40% in the last 10 years and consequently optimized the resulting costs of our activity.

At ITEMdesignworks we are committed to create new products that anticipate market needs, producing tangible benefits in the quality of life of every customer around the world.

Do you still need another reason to work with us?




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