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The Karbon chair that we designed in ITEMdesignworks for Actiu, is the first chair conceptualized, designed and manufactured in carbon fiber in Spain and few in the world. Its weight is 3 kg and its production process takes 45 days. We define it as a technological chair that shows with its elegant lines and its sophisticated design a product of authentic exclusivity. Its details and the precision of its finishes achieve the admiration of this disruptive project.

We talk about a functional product capable of adapting to diverse and versatile environments: home, contract, work environments, corporate …

What is the Karbon Chair for us? For us as its designers, creating from carbon fiber has meant a total break with everything established. Also, it has meant an opening of mind and a huge explosion of ideas.

The objective that we have pursued when creating Karbon is to provoke in the users totally new experiences. The result has been a totally disruptive product since there are no similar references with standard chairs.

Why buy a Karbon?

It is an iconic product whose forecast reveals that it will become a classic in the near future and its value will turn it into a collector’s item even in a few years.

Still has not convinced you? If you still need more reasons, in this post we tell you 20 tangible benefits of Karbon. We distinguish them in three areas: materials, design, and technology

 Among the advantages it brings for its material and properties:

  1. Carbon is 5 times lighter and stronger than steel. Surprise when interacting with him. It does not oxidize or it degrades.
  2. It allows to create much freer, daring forms and create volume changes with dizzying refinements.
  3. Fantastic surface finishes, without joints, closures or “non-noble” faces.
  4. Can be customized with finishes, colors and corporate logos.
  5. The vision of the 3K net, which surrounds the chair, is a recognizable and highly valued “technological icon”. Popular admiration for the material.

In the part that concerns the design:

  1. The warmth of the material and the perfection of the finishes, invite you to use touch and sight, to appreciate the richness of its texture, details and shapes.
  2. The design of the chair obeys to some unusual parameters: proportions, volumes, impossible with the usual materials that we know.
  3. A chair of such generous dimensions and such a light weight.
  4. Dimensions: 275L volume and weigh 3kg. It is totally hollow, with a wall of only 2.5mm thick.
  5. Purified ergonomics. One year of work has been invested and the manufacture of 6 previous prototypes to achieve an optimal result, which allows to be comfortable for everyone.
  6. The sensations of strength and structural rigidity are impressive. We have oversized the knots to achieve extreme rigidity.
  7. The timeless design, with a large dose of personality and elegance, allows us to perfectly fit in diverse environments.

Finally, in the area related to technology and the production process:

  1. Manufactured by the world’s leading carbon fiber competition “expert bicycle” expert.
  2. The production process of Karbon chair is 45 days. “Highly specialized” labor is used in the handling of carbon fiber. The daily production is 8 units / day, which gives a maximum production of 1800 units / year.
  3. The process of applying carbon fiber is “by hand”
  4. It works under a strict process of quality controls and permanent dimensions, which guarantee final tolerances of up to only 1mm.
  5. The chair is made in 6 independent pieces manufactured separately with a tool that guarantees the quality of the exterior surfaces, their dimensions and perfect union between them.
  6. Custom product. Finally it is lacquered or colored, according to the customer’s wish or catalog.
  7. Technological, super-comfortable, elegant and exclusive make Karbon a product of “cult”, status and level of sophistication for its owner.
  8. It is a product that creates very positive feelings when interacting with it and also admiration, for the achievement of the final result. It is an object of desire with an interesting emotional relationship: benefits obtained / price.


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