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City transportation options are changing very fast and the way we move inside the cities is changing, as well. At ITEMdesignworks we have been working on these issues for years, by proposing new concept designs that contribute to a substantial change.

This is why we have conceptualized and designed the SC100 electric scooter, with a specific features and personality that differentiate this particular scooter model from all the rest and makes SC100 unique.

One of the main advantages deals with the integration of the battery within the step-on platform. This can be removed easily for charging. Also, the SC100 can be comfortably folded by means of a very intuitive mechanism.

All these characteristics make the SC100 an excellent user experience when riding it along the city.

In addition, this model includes a non-slip mat and elements, such as the handlebar and there is a wide range of colour options to fulfil any user’s preferences.

SC100 combines trendy aesthetics, functionality, innovation, lightness and fun. ITEMdesignworks is well known for being committed creating new ways of urban transport concepts, offering sustainable solutions to contribute looking after this planet.

itemdesignworks-diseño itemdesignworks-diseñoWith both a Spanish product and design, it combines aesthetics, functionality, innovation, lightness and change, because at ITEMdesignworks we opt for new ways of moving around the city and looking after the planet.

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