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Javier Cuñado exposes his own theory to explain how are the various real situations, when considering client-designer collaboration and the reasons why the result can be a success or a failure.

The Collaborative Eclipse is formed when: market, customer and designer hide themselves: imagine the three actors in a line, preventing each other, being visible and interacting to share information.

The theory of the eclipse claims insulation and the focus of darkness that hangs over the designer and the rest of the agents. This is a model that, by keeping the actors in the mentioned positions, strengthens the little opportunity for the designer to obtain more information that will allow him to reach a great innovation.

The common practice of this alignment produces that both, the designer and the client, have a limited vision of the real opportunities offered by the project. Its most direct consequence is that under this scenario of collaboration so reactive, the chances of the final result being bright are very few. This way of collaboration is a very obsolete but still frequent model.

Javier Cuñado defends the need for all actors to interact with each other, to generate proven information. To do this, both: the market, the client and the designer, must interact with freedom, proactively, creating a Collaborative Circle or Total Vision. In conclusion, a scenario that drives communication between all parties, giving rise to a much more proactive and beneficial model.

The theory of the eclipse explains why projects that are seen as exciting end up failing or giving insufficient results. To solve this scenario, the theory of the Collaborative Circle is raised as a tool that gives designers the opportunity to go further, when creating proposals that have taken a giant step in the search for innovative solutions.

In the following editorial opinion published by Diario Abierto, our director develops with examples his theory:


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