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At ITEMdesignworks, we are aware of the importance to be currently visible on social media. Likewise, social media offer also a wide range of business opportunities, to research more deeply about: users, needs, life-styles, preferences and behaviours, as well as the possibility of communicating in a more direct way.

For these and many other reasons, ITEMdesignworks is on Instagram and LinkedIn, mainly. In both networks, we share contents related to the design, published articles, press releases, etc. Also, we upload photos of our most outstanding projects, etc. Besides, social media open a window into the world to interact with people and improve our communications.

We adapt the content and language of our publications to each social platform. For example on LinkedIn we will share news from a professional perspective while on Instagram we will adopt a more visual approach.

 If you still don’t follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn, below you find the links to join our community:

 Instagram: @itemdesignworks

LinkedIn: ITEMdesignworks

Pinterest: Javier Cuñado


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