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In this new edition of Orgatec, the leading international trade fair for office equipment and devices held every 2 years in Cologne (Germany), ITEMdesignworks once again makes all of its attendees fall in love with one of its most disruptive proposals, the Kabon chair for Actiu designed in carbon fiber, fact that has supposed a change of mentality with exceptional results.

Javier Cuñado, designer and director of ITEMdesignworks, participated in this professional meeting giving several talks on the particularities and excellence of Karbon, as well as on its tangible benefits of its acquisition.

His speech attracted multiple professionals who came to meet him and share concerns. Even Archiproducts.com, the most powerful search engine for architecture and design, interviewed Javier to explain the most relevant aspects and the idiosyncrasy of the Karbon chair, a disruptive product for offices, meeting and work rooms …

What will characterize the new workspace?

Following the trends of the Salon, the new job is conceived as an ideal, dynamic, efficient, flexible, healthy work space that motivates interaction. In addition, it highlights the rise of spaces that enhance interaction with users, getting answers and positive experiences, among other feelings.

Currently the office starts on a mobile or a tablet and doesn’t require a specific space, at least for a while. But, where does it end? there are as many offices as there are moments during which we carry out a work or professional activity.

When we want to visualize a workspace with the aforementioned characteristics, we face a dilemma: we must think about spaces for Communication and Socialization and also in Personal Spaces where we can isolate ourselves from the rest of our environment.

A few years ago, Bene surprised us with his system proposal called Docklands, where spaces were created to socialize discreetly. After this … there have been many proposals, including our call Link for Actiu.

This year we have seen the phenomenon of “cabins”: personal or for very small groups. They are completely closed proposals, glazed like the classic English public call box inside anoffice. High priced products equipped with air conditioning, soundproofing (not always effective), space reservation, connectivity, etc. One of these call box has a higher price than the rest of the office. Is this the solution we are looking for?

According to Javier Cuñado: “I think it’s going to be a passing fad. Dealing with such complex issues as how we want to work and communicate requires more sophisticated or more personalized proposals and, above all, more flexible ones, than putting walls and doors back in our offices again. We will check it in the next edition of Orgatec 2020…”.

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