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ITEMdesignworks we want to share with you the article by our director Javier Cuñado for Revista Interiores, a publication that contains the best ideas and trends in interior decoration, design, art and architecture.

Javier Cuñado develops in this article the concept of “magic connection” that arises when designers are allowed to be original. At ITEMdesignworks we aim to encourage creativity and, therefore, innovation.

Throughout the article, our director highlights three large disruptive products conceptualized, designed and created from the consultant to Actiu.

First, Passport bench for airports and terminals that has gained the implantation for 37 Spanish airports of 38 that the peninsula has.

On the other hand, he mentions   badminton armchair as an innovative and iconic element designed for offices. And finally,  Karbon chair is one of the few in the world created with carbon fiber.

ITEMdesignworks products reflect technological innovation, functionality and designs for the present and the future.

If you want to read the full article by Javier Cuñado for the Interiores Magazine click here.

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