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We are happy to share with you the report that the newspaper Expansión has dedicated to ITEMdesignworks and, especially, to our director Javier Cuñado.

The journalist Emelia Viaña begins the report with the striking headline “The Spanish Philippe Starck”, to refer to Javier Cuñado and his commitment to add creativity and usefulness to his designs, such as the well-known icon of French design.

Throughout the article, singular and unique creations stand out, the iconic Badminton armchair as an innovative piece, designed to respond to the need to create intermediate workspaces, in the most current working environments, also the Karbon chair, a piece of design created to provoke positive emotions to the user when interacting with it. Karbnon is one of the few in the world created entirely in carbon fiber.

The report also includes  Passport  bench for airports and terminals, which has gained the implantation in 37 Spanish airports of 38 that the peninsula has. The three products have been conceptualized and developed for Actiu.

“I aspire that my works breathe creativity, technology and functionality”, explains Javier Cuñado for Expansión.

We invite you to read the full report of Expansión here.

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