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 The headline “The airport benches and the ultimate in electric bikes are Spanish talent” recaps the answers of our director, Javier Cuñado, in the interview with El Economista, one of the Spanish economic journals with the largest number of readers.

In the article, the most famous achievements from ITEMdesignworks have been highlighted, ranging from the electric bicycle NEO and ATOM X, to Passport (the bench can be found in 37 of the 38 airports that exist in Spain), or to the Badminton armchair.

In addition, our director has expressed his opinion about whether or not Spain is an advanced country in terms of design and technology, arguing that, according to statistics, it does not seem that we are very advanced. However, he completes his answer giving a positive approach at the end to the future of this sector and its professionals.

The interview ends mentioning the next projects that are going to be developed in our company. All of them are related to improving people’s living conditions in many aspects of life.

In this link you can read the complete interview: https://www.eleconomista.es/evasion/noticias/9643898/01/19/ITEMdesignworks-disena-las-bancadas-de-los-aeropuertos-y-lo-ultimo-en-bici-electricas.html

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