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This year Javier Cuñado, designer and director of ITEMdesignworks, participated in the closing day of the BiDC- Bilbao Bizkaia D Week 2018, an international meeting that reflects the commitment of more than 200 companies and organizations in the field of design and creative industries. On this occasion, it has been celebrated under the heading “broadening the limits of design”.

Javier Cuñado together with Martín Azúa, who received a mention as ambassador of the BBDW, among other professionals, have been responsibles for presenting various success stories of the creative sectors of the territory.

The project-success story presented by Javier has focused on the chair Karbon, a disruptor project created for the Alicante company Actiu, specialists in office furniture.

Our director has started by detailing the starting point of the “Karbon Chair Project” and has continued to point out the research process that was carried out to develop the project. Javier explained how both companies had to define the objectives and establish what would be the differentiating values of the products. To conclude with the first part of the presentation, the designer highlighted how all these points of the research process led to the birth of a new, unique, technological and exclusive project: the Karbon project, a design that incorporates carbon fiber as a material premium and differential value.

The director of ITEMdesignworks has insisted in the second part of the talk that the goal of Karbon is to be configured as a timeless, ergonomic and impeccable design. Finally, Javier has emphasized the technology used to manufacture Karbon that allows the user to perceive sensations outside the standard and create emotional-positive experiences.

According to Javier Cuñado: “Technology allows designers to create new, more free and creative forms. For this, we had to unlearn our knowledge, leave aside the conventional and its limitations”. – He adds: “I want to thank the organization of the Bilbao Bizkaia D Week 2018 for their invitation to participate in this day that has given us the opportunity to show the excellence of Karbon”.


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