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At ITEMdesignworks we have conceptualized, designed and developed the MASS chair for the Sellex company in Guipuzcoa, an international reference in contract furniture.

The MASS chair is marked mainly by being a timeless design thanks to its slim and elegant minimalist lines. It is a delicate, technological and attractive product. It has been designed to respond to many situations, where mobility and functionality are key factors.

It is a super-stackable chair concept, with a stacking step of 18x18mm, which gives it a unique storage capacity, in a very small space.

In addition to its lightness and versatility, it is able to adapt to the demanding contract market needs. MASS has a series of accessories that allow you to increase that functionality even more, giving well-designed and technically resolved answers.

At ITEMdesignworks we like to define the MASS chair as a sophisticated, functional and different element.

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