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ITEMdesignworks is updated on all design trends to fulfil all users’ needs.

For example, these days’ offices tend to ask for work spaces that combine privacy with collaborative areas, with open spaces that favour team communication spontaneously. These new trends influence the way furniture is designed and offers new versatile and flexible concepts.

In order to meet these requirements, we have designed for Actiu the light panelling system called LINK, a modular system for creating work spaces. The main feature of LINK is the ability to fit into each particular space need by offering an endless sort of possibilities thanks to its easy linking system and lightness.

LINK is a panelling system full of personality, dynamic and completely practical. One of the main objectives of LINK is the search for comfort for the people who work around it. For this reason, it admits the integration of sofas, desks, etc. and the combination with a wide range of accessories to create amazing work spaces.

Work spaces demand concentration and privacy, but also participation and communication with the rest of the team. This modular system allows the fusion of these two claims and challenges by creating configurations that combine sound and visual isolation and also are open to be aware of all what is going on nearby.

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