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If you had to choose the essential furniture for an office, what would it be? Surely in your choice there will be a table, some lamps and, of course, chairs. Chairs are one of the necessary elements in every office.

The different chair models designed by ITEMdesignwork seek to improve user experience and create unique sensations. For all those who want to create innovative work spaces with operational chairs we present the design models of ITEMdesignworks:


  • KARBON for Actiu: in this model, technology, innovation and creativity have been merged in a very free way. The Karbon chair is one of the few in the world, and the first one in Spain, designed and created in carbon fiber. The Karbon chair has a high level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, longevity and ergonomics. In addition, it is the big news this year because it has been awarded with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, recognizing its exceptional design and quality. A vision of the future.


  • BADMINTON for Actiu: a chair that allows active listening and concentration thanks to its design. It is an iconic element that has an opening of 180 degrees without arms to encourage privacy and reflection. The versatile workspaces will undoubtedly want to have a BADMINTON among them to promote the maximum communication and, at the same time, the personal work. Its large dimensions will surprise you.


  • MASS for Sellex: for the most minimalist and practical, we have the MASS chair. Its functionality and elegance are particularly noteworthy as office or other spaces furniture. The art of the everyday.


  • WHASS for Actiu: this model finds its inspiration in botany because its shapes resemble those of “la cala”. For this reason, it has curved shapes and undulations in its highly suggestive terminations. In addition to being attractive, this type of design allows you to adopt the correct seating posture while preserving the freedom of movement. A multipurpose chair.

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