The third generation of electric bikes, designed by ITEMdesignworks for BH BIKES, is called ATOM X.

This project has meant a qualitative “breakthrough” in the form of collaboration: both in its concept, development and in its final execution. ATOM X is equipped with an intelligent interface of last generation, with more than 40 customizable parameters, together with a battery of 720wh; give us an assistance of up to 150km.

ATOM X will mark a before and after in the evolution of the concepts of integration of batteries into the frames of e-bikes. The innovative frame design conceals and protects completely, the battery of the inclement weather and dirt terrain, solving an eternal problem with muddy ground.

Equipped with a “super-demanding” geometry, it behaves in an agile and reliable way in the most demanding terrain.

ATOM X design has been treated, to the last detail, with exceptional care: the integration of the battery in the frame, the opening bracelet, the controls of the attendance control, the display and its functions, the integration of the motor into the frame, etc. all this makes the whole a real “Smart E-bike”.