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This is how the Karbon chair is born



Designing in carbon fibre means a whole change of mentality from the knowledge we have from the standard materials and processes used in the traditional chair- manufacturing.

A whole world of possibilities opens when we start to think in chairs made in carbon fiber. It is a new world that has to be understood first and explored later.

This technology allows designers to create new forms that can flow in a different manner, in a more free and creative way.

The carbon fiber is mostly famous for its woven texture, called 3k. Its smoothness, shifting shines and good finishes are the icon of a material that triggers admiration for accuracy and excellent details.

The warmth,
perfection and lightness of Karbon,
overcome all expectations for a non-expert user.

Karbon is granted with the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

Technology allows designers to create new, more free and creative forms. Karbon is the expression of creativity, knowledge and technology, it is a product that creates very positive sensations when interacting with it, also admiration, for the achievement of the final result. It is an object of desire with an interesting emotional relationship.

Technology, ergonomics, elegance and exclusivity, make Karbon a “cultured” product, of status and level of sophistication, for its owner.

Also, the great benefit is for end users. A totally new experience comes up when the users start to interact with a chair of these characteristics. The most interesting thing is that there are no similar references with standard chairs.

When an object is bulky and extremely light, at the same time strong feelings arise creating a big emotional surprise.

The objective of this project is: Designing a product that can provoke totally new experiences through user’s senses and create a positive response after all.