Modular system for creating workspaces

New trends in office design suggest private spaces combined with other open and collaborative, where creativity and communication flow naturally. This evolution in the ways of understanding work environments leads to the need to adapt the furniture to make it flexible and versatile.

To this end, ITEMdesignworks designed for ACTIU the paneling concept called LINK. It is a modularsystem for creating workspaces. It allows you endless possibilities to configure settings according to every need. It is a light product, is different and full of personality. It works as a complement andtransition among the different areas of the office, from private to collective. To help all this, a large collection of accessories make it more functional and dynamic.

LINK can be combined with modular sofas, operating tables and other accessories that expand the possibilities within the working space, with the aim of stimulating people’s efficiency, maintaining the level of comfort and the impulse of change to improve, “said Javier Cuñado, designer ITEMdesignworks.

Moving from concentration to communication is one of the challenges that this system attempts to fulfill. With this design we wanted to create spaces in which combining personal work with group’s work, in an easy manner, but at the same time controlling the levels of acoustic and visual isolation, explains Javier Cuñado.

” “The customization of individual space in Link system has resources that allow making the work environment specific to the user’s style.”

Javier Cuñado, CEO ITEMdesignworks