Elliptical machine

In this particular case ITEMdesignworks has made a great effort to create a concept that transmits certain values such as: strength, quality, reliability and the trendiest design.

The MATCH-3 machine has been treated as a whole, from the powerful front drive case to the smallest cap. Every single part has been considered in terms of: form, color and graphic details.

The result is dynamic, strong and colorful machine that invites you to step on it and run.

We would like to point out some of the most relevant concepts that have shaped this ultimate design:

The front drive main case has a “sharp-edge” form, inspired from the latest car design trends that shows a very dynamic aspect. It has got a strong visual flywheel that confers an outstanding personality.

In all new components we have tried to go a step further from current competitors’ proposals and give a nice touch of difference and personality.

Especially the monitor, which is the more conceptual part to be designed. In this case, we have run away from the traditional plastic cases and move to a more “acrylic”, clean surface design that transmits a more technological and distinctive touch.

Other components, such as the “stepping on” platforms have a nice collection of details that make them fresh and new.