Recumbent Bike

In the case of this upright bike the main change has been to provide a greater sense of dynamism to the whole machine (says Javier Cuñado). Contour forms and sinuous lines running along the main cover from front to back, give an idea of ​​movement and general dynamism.

Furthermore, the curved mast joins the monitor through a continuous supporting piece in the same way as the treadmill does. The slim monitor maintains the same aesthetic of the family and the handlebaris generous in size with details that give quality care.

The remaining elements such as cranks, pedals, saddle, bottle holder and the trestle covers have beentreated in detail playing with shapes, color changes and texture to create a richer assemble.

In the case of this recumbent bike, we have studied carefully and modified chassis’s geometry to improve the “low pass”, important feature to succeed in sales, especially in USA.

We managed to increase the “stepping gap” and decrease the “stepping height” without increasing the length of the machine.

As with the upright bike, we have dynamic and contemporary forms, creating a more evocative senseof movement.

On the other hand, we wanted to lighten the overall image of the machine, minimizing the plastic massof the backside and even proposing a seat in mesh, as an option.