This chair has been designed for the emerging Polish company called MDD, to fit in a great variety of scenarios, creating a wide range of options and models.

We want to reach a wider scope from just the pure “Conference Room”, where functionality is basic and essential, ruled by a lot of restrictions, to the “Office and Contract” markets, where the design is a little freer and the overall appearance is more relevant and appreciated.

The “architectural concept” of this chair is conceived upon three main elements:

The “monoblock” seat element can be made in various materials like: Polypropylene, laminated wood and upholstered versions. This way we can create a great range of models, finishes and price levels.

A collection of alternative legs can be exchanged sharing the same monoblock seat and fixing points.

Many accessories like: single arm, double one, writing-pad, upholstered cushions, hooks to create rows, castors, can be exchanged also, to create an endless collection of chairs for:

  • Conference and seminar rooms.
  • Office and work spaces.
  • Contract and even home markets.