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Picasso once said something like… may the muses find me working!

Trying to visualize what should be the next step to take with the next product, after having created one as successful as the AtomX e-bike for BH BIKES.., is a very difficult and painful process, for a designer.

Atom-X is perhaps the most risky and disruptive product that ITEMdesignworks has been able to create in a long time.

Xtep Carbon came later as the result of the struggle between the most nonconformist emotions and the most rational experience. The fight turned into a dialogue and the result was this e-bike.
Recently, the German magazine Pedelecs & E-Bikes has tested the Xtep Carbon Lynx 6 giving an overall score of 9.4 out of 10 to this model.

It seems that the effort has paid off…

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