For a “conceptual design” company like ITEMdesignworks, taking on such a technical and restricted project, such as Aerolight, was a more than interesting challenge…

Such a demanding project is only possible… if a “level of complicity” and “teamwork” is achieved at exceptional levels with our manufacturer “partner”.

We have been collaborating intensively for 12 years now with BH BIKES, developing disruptive concepts and obtaining very important international recognitions. A good number of world patents endorse our achievements and innovations.

From the first moment we had all the technical support from BH BIKES to understand the UCI rules, which limited a “free exercise of creativity”, as we had done in other previous projects.

Once the technical concept was understood … we got to work where we found degrees of freedom for creativity.

Every detail of the frame had to be thought from an aerodynamic point of view.

We adopted a “Kammtail” vision for all the elements of the frame: the handlebars, the main tubes, the so characteristic fork, the seat tube, chain stays, etc.  Even the water bottles, cages and toolkit were designed that way, to be totally aerodynamic. The air had to flow naturally, without any drag from all directions.

These are some of the main challenges we took on and the achievements:

  • Comply with the technical requirements of the UCI. The Aerolight passed all the necessary homologations for international competitions.
  • Achieve optimal aerodynamics. We improved aerodynamic efficiency by 16% compared to the previous model.
  • Design with recognizable personality. The aesthetics of the bicycle have a recognizable and interesting pattern, relative to competing products.
  • Create a “brand style” trend. The other models that follow… incorporate some patterns created by the Aerolight.

The result is the new Aerolight that will have its world premiere

in Tokyo on the occasion of the 2021 Olympic Games.