JOY (Light Mobility Electric Vehicule)

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Light, urban and sustainable mobility is a territory that has only just begun to be explored in depth.

Most of the proposals seem quite recurrent: folding e-bikes, two-wheeled electric kick-scooters, etc. They look quite conventional and little evolved over time.

Has anyone ever wondered, for example:

What would be the ideal light vehicle for a young executive, who wears a suit with a skirt and high heels, when she goes to her workplace in a city like ours? Would this person ride a two-wheeled electric scooter or a bicycle with a skirt and heels…?

JOY aims to provide that different vision, where concepts such as: stability at low speeds, safety in urban driving with non-sports footwear, etc. they respond to real market needs and for some reason … little attended.

When we talk about urban environments such as shopping malls, etc., where pedestrians and small light vehicles, such as those mentioned, coexist …, there needs to be an ecosystem of coexistence based on avoiding all risk of accidents. Riding at low speeds such as 2Km / h or standing immobile, without the need to maintain balance, is what makes JOY an interesting product.

JOY is a research project led by BH BIKES and designed by ITEMdesignworks.