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At ITEMdesignworks we have designed and conceptualized for BH Bikes IBIZA PRO: a new and completely urban model. Its uniqueness lies in its compact design which allows, under a new folding system patented by BH Bikes, to move comfortably around the city.

It is a model that integrates design and innovation all in one. Its most competitive advantage is its folding design that has created a completely new and innovative spiral movement.

IBIZA PRO was designed to adapt itself as much as possible to the different city areas and spaces. This way it can easily be conformed to the environment needs. Moreover, it lets people enjoy the magic of traveling also in urban spaces.

 Breaking with the trend of other bike models, IBIZA PRO keeps a folded position similar to that of a tripod with an extremely compact volume.

 Would you like to know more about IBIZA PRO? Here you will find more information:


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